Science and the Near-Death Experience

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Chris Carter received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Oxford University. He filled in as a criminal psychologist for quite a long while prior to moving to London to become a full-time author writing at chris carter books.

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About the Book

The scientific evidence for after life existence.

Clarifies why near-death experiences (NDEs) give confirmation of a the great beyond and exposes mental and physiological speculations. Within the book, materialist arguments against awareness surviving death are refuted.

The book analyzes verifiable and contemporary accounts of near-death experiences from everywhere the world, including China, India, and various ancestral gatherings like the Native American and Maori.

Originating before completely coordinated religion, the faith in a the hereafter is major to the human experience and goes back basically to the Neanderthals.

By the mid-nineteenth century, in any case, prodded by the advancement of science, many individuals started to scrutinize the presence of a the afterlife, and the teaching of realism. Chris Carter challenges realist contentions and shows how being close with death may genuinely give a brief look at an anticipating the great beyond.

The author takes a gander at the numerous mental and physiological clarifications for NDEs raised - like stress or oxygen starvation - and plainly shows why every one of them neglects to genuinely clarify the near-death experience.

"This book does a good job of summing up the primary objections to the strict materialist assumption of mind=brain. The book starts with consciousness and neuroscience, then moves from there into the near death experience while addressing all of the materialist arguments."


"This book was captivating. I was intrigued by NDEs and their legitimacy as for sure as proof for life-after-death. This book has completely changed my perspective. I have rarely been so enthralled with a book and this book is hard to put down once you start reading."


"If there is one book I would recommend to all skeptics who don't believe in near-death experiences it would have to be [this one]. The information presented leads to a very convincing case for the continuation of consciousness after death."


"I am simply glad that Carter is out there writing. His book shows that those who believe in survival do not have to apologize, be timid, or take refuge in the mystery of 'faith.' With more books like this one, our society may start slowly waking up to that fact, with all its immense implications. "


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